Don't Be Afraid Pt. 1 - Building Up Your Spiritual Immune System

Fear of covid is worse than covid itself. Fear breaks down your spiritual immune system. The effects that watching the news has on your spiritual immune system. How to get rid of fear. Psalm 91. What it means to abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

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I'm going to pray because I really believe that things are going to happen as I minister the word they always do not because of me, but because of the power of the word of God, you know, miracles come by hearing faith comes by hearing. And hearing by the word of God, faith, the faith of Jesus that he put on the inside of you is actually his faith will rise up on the inside of you as our minister to word today.

He that does miracles among you. He who supplies the spirit. And does miracles among you, Galatians says, does he do it by the works of the law? No, but by the hearing, the hearing, the hearing of faith, amen, the word of God is going forth. I'm telling you what and fear is going to leave people. I mean, just going to fall off people who have been bound by fear, I want you to lock into this word.

You don't have to try to do anything. Just sit and hear in the ministry of Jesus it was said that people came to hear and be healed of their diseases, but first, some,  disclaimers. Just in case this gets lost in the message. Okay. I want to share some things. I want to share today about fear and I could call that fear, be gone.

Fear, not all right, but I want to say, and I'm dealing with fear as it relates to the pandemic that we're in. And all the bad news that's going on throughout the news media and the airwaves. And, and a lot of the things that we're hearing the bad news can cause fear and has caused fear and worry in the lives of people.

And so I want you to hear my heart today and know that and, and these disclaimers are from a pastor's heart. Okay. And this message is not to lecture anybody to scold somebody make somebody feel bad. It, it's not even trying to, well, when I say correct, there will be some correction, but it will be loving correction.

Because God's correction, you know how God corrects, not by whooping us into shape, but by the, gentle the gentleness of the Holy spirit by his word, he corrects us gently with his word. Amen. The, my friend Connie Witter cause it the, the sweet sound of correction. And Hey, if correction is needed, then go ahead and receive it.

And it's always, God's correction is always to take us to a higher place. All right. And let me just say this. None of us are walking in this word a hundred percent my job is to point you to God's best.

And so. I have respect for, COVID. I have respect for the crisis that we're in and listen, let me tell you something I know of somebody who lost a wife okay because of COVID I'm not up here saying it's not real okay  and I've filled in for a pastor I've got friends who have had it I filled in for a pastor for two weeks who he and his wife had the virus.

So I'm not up here saying it's not real  it's real I have respect for it okay  but what I'm not doing is playing movies in my head about what could happen, what might happen my family could get it and all that kind of stuff so I want to show you what to do about the fear okay because the fear is out there like a virus.

Okay and before I get too far, let me finish my disclaimers all right  so I do have respect for, the virus and I'm not talking about showing some kind of bravado, like I'm not afraid kind of you know, bravado is different from being brave, being brave and being bold and courageous all right.

And the reason why we can be bold and courageous is because the Lord is with us amen what bravado is, is some showy kind of bold is trying to impress somebody that's what bravado is so I'm not talking about that, just going out and I'm not afraid and you got no basis no, I mean, it's not connected to the covenant.

It's not connected to grace  it doesn't have anything to do with Jesus is just you just going out there I ain't afraid yeah, dag on it I'm not talking about that all right my disclaimers okay and because I'm going to say some bold things and and then for somebody who would say, well, pastor you wouldn't say that kind of stuff if it happened to you,

well, you don't know me very well I could be in the hospital and I was preached the same thing if I caught the thing again, nobody's walking in the gospel a hundred percent,

but we gotta be bold and say what God says, we need to shoot for the fence I mean, we need to shoot for God's best amen and so what if I caught it? So what that doesn't change the word doesn't change this see the mistake people make is they bring the word of God down to human experience  never bring the word of God down to the level of human experience.

And this message has to do with I'm specifically focusing on attacking this COVID attacking this fear all right but it applies to anything, anything in your life, any opposition that you're faced with, amen say I'm the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

This is the way, amen, I'm going to show you the way today the way is Jesus amen  thank you Lord and so it's not just COVID but any sickness or disease, any opposition that you're facing, see no weapon it didn't say the weapon wouldn't be formed, but no weapon formed against you shall prosper I seenow I'm not going to be able to finish this today, but never bring the word of God down to the level of human experience.

See healing is not true because people get healed people get healed because healing is true see, don't bring the word down to the level of human experience well, everybody's healed so now healing must be true because everybody is healed and if somebody's sick, Five ten, fifteen people are sick in the church that means healing is not true now what it means, five, ten, fifteen people that are sick.

It doesn't change the word of God well, pastor you preaching and then you're sick it didn't change the word doesn't change the word of God healing is not true because I get healed or not you get healed or not.

amen people get healed because healing is true and we need to grab a hold of what God's word says all right and listen, I'm a pastor I have been and am standing with people standing with someone, I guess I should say someone right now, who has COVID now I've Carla and I both have stood with people in our own church that's had COVID and I want to, say just giving God all the praise that everybody has come through it amen had some challenges and some challenges, challenging times and things going on in their body, but they all got through it because of Jesus amen because they kept, they kept their eyes on Jesus. Amen It's going to be all right church and  anybody who doesn't have the virus right now, let's give God, thanks for keeping us hallelujah thank you, Lord if you had it, thank him for bringing you out of it hallelujah look at you now, amen, glory to God all right am I through my disclaimers?

Okay here's two things that the enemy I like what Carla said, the enemy wants to get us our focus off of Jesus a couple of things that I see during these things that are going on in the world, including COVID and all the racial division and all the mess that's going on there's two things the enemy is trying to get us into and I dealt with one of these and the other one I'm I'm going to deal with today is one of them is pride.

Once people get into  pride another thing he wants to get us into is fear because the devil is all about them things pride accusing people of stuff and let me talk to the church body for a moment I'm not everybody's pastor, but I'm somebody's pastor so let me speak to summit nation y'all know, I love you.

And I declare that summit church is pride free and humble we are not prideful we are humble and we are not afraid we are bold and courageous because we know the Lord is with us and we trust him all right with that in mind, let's dive right in praise God y'all ready, we're dealing with fear fear not everybody say fear not.

Job had a lot of bad stuff happening to him we're not going to get into all of that and you hear a lot of times in funerals, people say, well, the Lord has given, quoting Joe and the Lord has taken away blessed be the name of the Lord okay well, that's, not true okay I'm not going to spend a lot of time with that, but if you read chapter one, it's clear that it wasn't the Lord that took away.

It's true that the Lord gives, but the Lord does not take away the Lord does not take anybody out of here through death, and that's a whole other message but what I want you to see is all you got to do is read the first chapter of job, and you will understand that it wasn't the Lord that stole from Job and reap havoc in his life and killed.

It was the enemy and it happened. God didn't have anything to do with it now this is not, this is not the new covenant that we live in okay this is back in the old Testament and so we have a better covenant here in this new covenant okay and Job actually didn't live under a covenant, so to speak there's no mention of the law or anything.

It's a very old book it predates Moses okay it's a very, very old ancient book yet there are our principles we're at work like you can open the door in your life to bad stuff through fear we find right here, why the bad stuff, the catastrophes, the calamities, all the mess happened in job's life in verse 25

It says for the thing that I fear come upon me comes upon me one translation says the thing, which I greatly feared has come upon me anything you greatly fear can come into your life

and what's happening with people is our spiritual immune system is down or compromised

you can build up your spiritual immune system with the word of God proverbs says my son attended my word, incline your ear to my sayings, incline your ear to my sayings, attend I could spend a whole hour on this what are you attending to? Are you attending to the news have you become an expert and you become a master of Google you know everything about the disease, you know, how it spreads, you know all bout the mask, do you know as much about the word as you do that other stuff that's being fed to you from, from the news, how much time are you spending with that versus the time that you're spending attending to his word?inclining your ear to his sayings let it, let them not depart from your eyes keep them in the midst of your heart keep them in the midst of your heart say stuff like this psalm 91 this is not, this is not religious encouragement this is covenant , man, I'm talking about, we need to lay a hold of this stuff I've been living in Psalm 91 I'm not trying to give you a law to do, but I'm just , but me I've been living in Psalm 91 and I'm going to go over it yet again because I'm learning more and more stuff, more and more juice is coming out of that amen. the more I squeeze it, the more juice is coming out and getting on the inside of me and I'm telling you what, I've been doing it through these daily confessions that we do every day some of y'all sleep on that, but I encourage you don't sleep on these daily confessions we're doing because we keep doing it

some people get tired of it they all  pastor just going over Psalm 91 again, that news keep coming at youa hundred thousand people died more people died today than any other day since the pandemic started, they don't get tired huh? How many times he said, well, I got some water I had this last week give me something else I want soda pop this week I want, I mean, water, you just drink it you drink it yesterday you drink it today you drink it tomorrow huh? Hello I'm tired of the water forget this water dag gone it give me something new I ain't got nothing new Psalm 91 that's what you get come on with me with confessions, but I'm doing something it ain't nothing I want to encourage y'all come and join me, getting in front of that camera every day thats not for me I've already done Psalm 91. I come on to do it with you 

I don't have to brush my teeth every day, but it's a good idea.

Psalms 91, here we go again but when that TV come on, they talk about that virus

I'm going to take my time and let this stuff sink in,

you know, in the 14th and 15th century it's amazing the technology that they have today in the 14th and 15th century, they had over in Europe the Bubonic plague  I get tongue tied with that, but I got it out there so there it is, you know that, and they had some other plagues and a wiped out whole cities worse than this

I mean, wiped out whole cities, but you know, recently they exhumed bodies of people who died from those plagues because of modern technology, they're able to examine the bones and determine the cause of death you know, what they found that more than 50% of the people that died in those plagues died, not of the plague, but of the fear of the disease, the fear of the disease produced symptoms in their body and it actually died, not from the disease, but because of the fear and I'm telling you now, the enemy has very strategically just released a flood of fear into the earth he's doing it through the news media and it's spreading it's a virus of fear and I'm convinced now, if I'm going to point you to the word today, but there are psychologists and scientists that have researched this stuff

do you know that worry can cause sickness your fear, you think, you think you're going, gonna lock yourself up? Well, I'm not, I'm not pointing any fingers, but, but you, you can lock yourself up in a, in a house it's not going to stop it your fear will bring it to you without being around anybody else

sad story about Marvin Gaye, Marvin in the later part of his life was paranoid, fearful so much so that when he sent out for a hot dog or something, this is before door dash. He, that people bring him his food in his house. He lived in his house with his father and his mother, and he would have somebody to go get his food.

When it came back, he would examine it because he had a fear that somebody wanted to kill him and he, he wouldn't hardly go anywhere we locked himself up in the house and you know what fear brought death, his house, his own father shot him, threw the gun out and on the yard and sat down and waited for the police to come here he's thinking he's keeping himself from death and I'm going to show you that really what's behind this, this fear at the root of it is the fear of death people are afraid of death, but the good news is the new covenant it covers all of that Jesus, grace, it covers all of this stuff it's reason to be excited

thank you Lord when the immune system, now I want you to think about your spiritual immune system is it weak is it malnourished when the immune system collapses or is compromised, you open yourself up to disease the news media often lowers your spiritual or immune system by perpetuating fear on a grand scale, they talked about what could happen they don't know, well, everything could be shut down everything will be back in our houses, economic collapse

getting quiet in this Presbyterian church you're talking about, well, what could be,

Hmm the news media often lowers your spiritual immune system, because they're not telling, Hey, don't be afraid how many of you, how many of you ever turned on the news and said, don't be afraid fear, not the Lord is with you that's what I'm doing see so this don't discount this and act like this is nothing and not something, but see faith comes by hearing faith for anything comes by hearing

if you keep hearing stuff you treat it like it's the truth that's the truth because they said, I read this on Google and guess what let me tell you y'all ain't no expert you saw something on Google and you people just choose to believe whatever they read ten people say the same thing and then, Oh, it must be true cause those ten people said the same thing you know what the majority and always right

Oh man I was about to say something, but I'm not thank you for the Holy spirit fear breaks down say breaks down they're not a lot of people focusing on this right here that's why I'm gonna drill down I should have let that sink in a little bit about when they examined them bones think about that

wait a minute, I got off that too do you more than 50% of the people who died in that plague, then they didn't die from the plague they died from the fear of it the fear caused symptoms, the fear caused symptoms let that sink in for a minute.

I'm going to say something now, glory to God well, let me say this in case I didn't fear breaks down all immunity and opens the door to sickness and disease allowing it to enter the body fear, check out how many times in the Bible it says fear not it's actually a command fear not sometime when the angels presented themselves to people what's the first thing they said don't be afraid fear, not there's a reason God doesn't want us to fear see when you're, when you're fearing, you're not trusting and I'm going to give you the antidote amen the antidote to fear somebody, just somebody is waiting for the vaccines I'm gonna give you, I'm going to give you a vaccine to shoot into you huh? See, so thank you, Lord you know, what's worse then then COVID the fear of it I'm convinced that fear of COVID is worse than COVID itself and I'm good with building up your natural immune system thank God I got a wife who knows about that kind of stuff and i, I juice him and I do what I can for my physical immune system but if you don't take care of, of the spiritual immune system, the ultimate protection, the other stuff, not going to work, fear breaks down all immunity and opens the door the sickness and disease, allowing it to enter the body hm here's the antidote to fear the ultimate protection

and that's love

1 John 4:18

there is no fear in what, love but perfect love casts out fear now perfect love is not our love our love  is not perfect our love on a graph, goes like this it's different levels all the time the only love that's perfect is God's love and when we receive oh thank you, Jesus when we receive how much God loves us just let's just think about this, this contemplate right now about let's just take a deep breath and soak in his love you helping your immune system right now

thank you Jesus receive his love guess what there's no fear in that when you depend on the father's perfect love for you there is no fear in love perfect love what does he do that's pretty strong it casts out fear when you absorb and receive the love that the father has for you do you fear goes out the door when you receive my father's love for me is perfect fear has to do with punishment for whoever fears, has not been perfected in love thank you, Jesus it's like see, and that's the gospel that's the good news it's like protective clothing like if you walk outside right now with your underwear on and man, it's cold what'd you do, you put some clothes on and you put a coat on, right and now all of a sudden you feel better it's it's you got a protective covering on what we'll look at look at the gospel like that put on the gospel god's love, embracing us

see, we, we find, we find refuge in the shadow of the almighty look at Psalm 91 let's dive into that

he who dwells man that word dwells. My goodness, you can spend some time with that he who dwells, I mean, dwells, it means to sit down actually in a cell in the shelter we're sheltered I mean, just this verse one itself, we sit down in the shelter of the most high will abide will live in the shadow of the almighty that we're all mighty you know what that is that's El Shaddai thank you, Jesus oh my goodness

yeah, shall abide under the shadow of the almighty say I dwell in the shadow of the almighty thank you, Lord Jesus oh my goodness the gospel, when we put on the gospel, the good news of God's love embracing you will live in a state of life at every level and this life that the Bible talks about is Zoe it's life as God has it

absolute life as Jesus has so we see when we put on, we embrace, God's love this gospel you live in a state of Zoe life at every level, you won't have a doomsday mentality

see, fear is greater than this disease the fear of the disease I got this go to the grocery store and try and get some toilet paper

what's going on is there a hurricane coming there's a snow storm coming I took a picture the other day empty

that's fear grabbing stuff off the shelf

fear leaves you wide open to whoever or whatever is coming against you fear creates images in your mind of a doomsday

see, when you imagine bad stuff, you are attracting the thing that you fear when you fear bad stuff happening to you, you in your imagination, when you play movies in your mind about the worst that can happen, you're attracting the thing that you fear

when we fear, we give a pass to anything that wants to come against us we'll give a fear of passport

fear also produces in us things that aren't really there

thank you, Lord he who dwells in the shelter of the most high,

really the shelter one translation says the secret place of the most high is actually in Christ that's the secret place we are in Christ Jesus say, I am in Christ Jesus

say abide in the shadow of El Shaddai check this out all my, the El Shaddai it translates to mean that God is to us like a nursing mother one translation says, and I learned this in Bible school he's the breasty one, the nourisher, the strength giver, the satisfier he is the God who's more than enough

that's who shelter you're in

he holds us close to himself he's the breasty one I'm going to read this again. God is to us like a nursing mother. He holds us close I'm teaching here I'm going very methodically, but I want y'all to get ahold I want y'all to absorb this because I tell you what free fear is leaving people right now

if you want to be free, you can be free this word is penetrating it's going through the cameras right now thank you Jesus he holds us close

picture the  father just embracing you, right now and holding your close, like a nursing mother

he's on nourishment he's our protection he's our strength

lean on him, lean into him he's always there he never leaves you

under the shadow of the almighty under the shadow refers to accustom of time accustom of that time where a traveler would be taken in and cared for by a stranger when in need on their journey now listen to this now this is foreign to us in the 21st century is, is gonna sound crazy but back in that day, see, the Bible is basically an was originally written to an Eastern mind is an Eastern book

and so there are a lot of customs that are Eastern in nature, and this is one of them,  When there was a traveler in that time on a journey now this is, this is a custom of how people in the East treated a stranger when they were traveling if you are a traveler in the desert and you had nowhere to go, no place to eat night falls coming

there's no hotels you're hungry you need some place to stay for the night so what you would do there would be tents, people living in tents in the desert, and you go to the nearest tent and what you would do according to his customers, you would hold onto the tent rope

you wouldn't even knock on the tent you just hold onto the rope and just holding onto the tent rope told the people inside the you're a traveler, you're a stranger with no place to go just holding that rope, tells that the owner of the tent, all of that so in that day, people looked at it like you've been sent from God as a gift and they were to care for that person as if they were God himself,

check this out, they would and I want you to let me know if you would do this, but this was the culture of the day they would take you into the tent and see, this is covenant language see the Bible is really a covenant book and people in the West we really don't understand covenant we on the closest we thing, we've got to it a contract

I taught this when I was in Haiti in the Bible school, I'm really stirred up as I was studying this I'm stirred up to teach on blood covenant again but boy, I tell you what, once you understand that this, this was told to me, and this was taught in Bible school and one of the instructors in fact, the doc Horton, my friend, David, Horton's a father who's with the Lord right now

he said, if you can ever understand blood covenant you'll know that it is impossible for God to do anything other than what he said in his word. And see this, this is, this is covenant right here and so this tent owner would take you into the tent if you're just traveling stranger and any food he had was yours see in a covenant

everything you have belongs to the person you're in covenant with everything they have belongs to you

I really want to teach covenant now, like two, two people come into a covenant and one of the reasons why people would get in covenant because of strengths and weaknesses like one person is a farmer and the other person is a Hunter and one person can farm, but he can't hunt he needed something, something that the Hunter could provide that he go and catch something and bring it in, catch a deer or whatever, but he can't farm the Hunter, he can't farm. So they go into a covenant and see so when, when a Hunter and a farmer come into a covenant, everything that that farmer had belongs to the Hunter, everything that the Hunter had belonged to the farm so the Hunter has benefited the farm the farmer has benefited of everything that the Hunter takes in as simple lesson covenant

thank you, Lord. Ooh, man, sucky sucky now we're in covenant with Jesus

we brought him nothing we brought nothing to the table, but he chose to have covenant with us and everything that he has belongs to us as Jesus says so am I in the, in this world, everything that Jesus has belongs to you and me glory to God, we are in covenant with Jesus all things are yours in Christ

Jesus we sit down in Christ and we, I, I'm not even finished with this shelter thing, man I'm out of time how is that but I'm going to keep, I'm going to keep going now see, they're kind of my introduction my disclaimer see it you got to take that off the clock okay so, so you got it so when the owner takes this person in any food that he has is yours

if you had a stranger, you're going to be fed tonight even if that means your host goes hungry

cause they treat you as a gift from God, the God sent you they treat me like God himself so they're going to treat you like royalty and you're going to sleep in a bed tonight even if your host has to sleep on the floor, including his family how many of y'all when y'all got somebody coming in and even your own family members, you ain't going to put them in here in the master bedroom

well, we got a couch over there

see, we don't know nothing about this kind of stuff

thank you Lord, you get to bed you get to food should you be followed by enemies, running from people trying to, who are even trying to kill you at this point, even when your hosts don't even know your name, he's become your protector and will protect you with his own life and, and that day, see this custom was, was deeply ingrained into the people you will never a stranger you're welcomed into any and every tent and you never be asked when you're going to leave you, you ain't had them people, people like, okay, now you've been here for a month try to help somebody out, give them a place to stay


you're welcome to stay as long as you wish when you came into that tent and when you came under the protection and provision of that owner, you came under the shadow of their roof that's what's behind the meaning of this word you abide under the shadow of the almighty, huh thank you, Lord when it was said, it was an ugly story about these men who was in the days of lot

and these, these men were really wicked I mean, you think his stuff is wicked now I mean, these men, they want to have sex with the angels, you know so, so Locke  took them in and here's, here's what is said when Locke took these angels into his house behold, I have two daughters who have not known any Melanie, bring them out to you to do to them as you please

I mean, that's, that's deep, only do nothing to these men for, they have come under the shelter of my roof

see, that's what th that's what's behind this coming under  the shelter shelter the most, I might've said shadow before by meant shelter okay so what's this watch this you've been taken under the shadow of under the shadow of the almighty and under his shelter thank you Jesus you've been taken into the home of almighty God, your protector and keeper El Shaddai

when you come under the shelter and under the end, under the shadow of the almighty, you treated as royalty, you're protected with no questions asked,

see, I am is my refuge verse two, I will say to the Lord, my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust yeah I'm not trying to trust him I trust him so I'm going to leave my house on the frame because I trust him yeah

say I am, is my refuge say I have come to the ultimate protection God himself

yeah, I mean no disrespect, but you know, the little symbols of the virus, little emojis, I saw a picture of like outside and all of these little emojis, like pictures of the virus like if you could see them floating all over the place and, and, and, and it was said like, would you go out, if you could see this, well dag gone

if you could see the stuff that's out there, there's other stuff floating around there. You can't see,

I'm not afraid of that see, that's the kind of stuff that I'm talking about. It promotes all that I mean, what if you could see the germs floating around right now it's floating around here right now would you leave if you can see him what are you going to do that there are, they're always, there will always be one

what you going to, what you're going to do

I wish you could see I almost, I came really close to get somebody to give me draw me something with angels all around would you leave the house if you saw this

we having the same spirit of faith according as what is written, what is spoken, we believe summit church we believe, and we have spoken I believe and I speak, we speak what we believe there's angels that's been given charge over us to keep us in all of our ways keep us keep that virus away from us glory to God

we've got the spirit of faith that believes and speaks that God watches over us glory to God we walk on serpents and scorpions and COVID and over all the power of the enemy, we shall not be afraid of the terror by night we shall not be afraid of the arrow that flies by day we shall not be afraid of the pestilence that the COVID that walks in the darkness that's out there floating around

I ain't afraid of it

and I want to keep you out here the rest of your day I do I really do I really want it, man I see now I can't finish this, but listen to this we're under his shadow yeah

I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress I'm under his shelter I don't plead for it I don't work for it  I just rest in it

We just say, thank you we leave the house we say, thank you

that's the picture I got in my mind that's what I'm playing in my mind whatever you feed on the abundance of the heart, the mouth will speak if you keep feeding on that bad news, I'm telling what's going to come out of your mouth you going to bring me all the research I don't want to hear it, right you're not an expert or they have you on TV

i'd rather be an expert in his word I don't know everything, but thank God for what I do know I've been saying Psalm 91 so I, I know the effect it will have on you I it's like it's in my, pores I can almost see Psalm 91 coming out of my fingertips I'm being as serious as I can be I am not kidding

I respect the virus I respect God more

if I'm going to be afraid of this thing, man, I might as well close this church up I might as well, pack my bag water in the world am I going to tell you it's there by put your mask on unless it's, you know, we'll start preaching when this thing's over cause what can we do let's just, let's just stay at home

I stay home like y'all

I choose to face this thing with not bravado, not trying to impress, not, not going out here with no information inside information inside the word of God, knowing what Jesus did for me on the cross I'm going out here acting like the work's finished I'm I'm going out here I can't help, but to act like it's finished

hmm thank you Jesus y'all ready for a little more my goodness imma keep teaching glory to God and Indianapolis y'all might have to sign off because one of y'all need to get out of the building or whatever, but I don't know it's just 1130 it's a couple more things goodness

surely okay where are we at first we still in verse two yeah I will say the Lord, my refuge and my fortress and whom I will trust for he will, he might deliver you he will deliver you so act like it he will deliver you from the snare of the Fowler and from the deadly pestilence, I'm going to help you when you feel like you don't have that kind of faith, come back next week

I'm going to help you oh my goodness come back next week I can't finish this today, but he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence, he will cover you with his pinions as another word where for feathers and under his wings, you will find refuge there's a second time

he used that word refuge I love this watch this his faithfulness is a shield and booklet

see we're  under his wing what does it mean to be under his wings leave the house, knowing you're under his wings under the wings of God we find refuge, our refuge and our shield listen, he stands between you and the crisis no matter what it is, he stands between. Jesus stands between you and COVID

all the I AM's in the old covenant culminate or find their come to a head in Jesus in revelation one 17 this is not in your notes, but you can write this down when I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead, but he laid his right hand on me saying fear, not his glory, Peter god, hallelujah this is why we don't need to be afraid

fear, not I am the first and the last Jesus is the beginning and the end, the first and the last, he has the final word in every situation and he says you, when he stands between you and the COVID, who does I am, and we are one in union with, I am

God and me, I and him, we are perfect in one is Jesus afraid of COVID So I am not afraid in this world

I'm preaching here

all fear leads back to the one true fear, which is the fear of death

Jesus entered oneness with us and overcame death hebrews 2:15 says and delivered all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery see, that's really, what's people are afraid of death

that's what's at the root of all this COVID stuff what people are afraid of is death but the good news is I am became one with us he conquered death he overcame death

Jesus stands between us and death, between you and your fears the, I am has already dealt with anything that will come against us

his faithfulness should be a shield we have a, we have a covenant with God

he made a covenant with us and in this covenant, he is our protector it's not that he won't go back on his covenant promise he can't

Oh, y'all missed that it's not that he won't go back on his promise to protect you he can't

mm you can't cause in a covenant, you, you can't, you can't violate your word and God would never, God is not a man that he should lie or the son of man that he should repent hath he said, and shall he not do it have they spoken and shall he not make a good, he watches over his word to perform and he confirms his word with signs following

he will take care of you

I want to come back to this next week, but let me just talk about this let me just I said I'd cover this next week, but I want to just lay this on you let you meditate on this his faithfulness is our is a shield, his faithfulness, not your faith

on the inside of you and we'll look at this next week, Galatians 2:20, we live by the faith of the son of God

you don't don't even be concerned about your faith focus on his faithfulness

faithfulness oh, man, are y'all ready for this faithfulness is God having faith to do what he said

so when you look at it like that, like when you're facing the store, when you're facing the giant or whatever you're facing don't look at it like, do I have faith ask yourself, does Jesus have faith and just rest in his faith oh man just resting in his faith that'll hit you about three o'clock in the afternoon

okay jesus has faith that's all I need to know I'm good jesus has faith I just rest in his faith 

see Jesus when he walk out the house, he's the, I am that stands between you and what's facing you no matter what it is, glory to God, let's give him praise right now thank him for freedom oh pastor I wish I could believe that look, stop his faithfulness

I'm not trying to psyche out this this is not it's how you see things

just keep feeding on it and keep feeding on it this is God having faith that he will do what he said, and I just rest in his faith

thank you for freedom thank you for freedom thank you for every person that's listening, watching thats having real issues, real challenges, real situations some people who have even tested positive people, worried in fear

thank you that you given us your word we trust in you lord I want to read a scripture to you that spirit of God is quickening to me psalm 56, verse three, when I am afraid it tells us what to do I put my trust in you it's not simple it's not difficult it's simple it's simple the devil will try to make it complicated

gotta go through all these steps just trust him, rely on his faithfulness

what does this faithfulness do its a shield and a booklet

thank you for freedom Lord

I trust you let it come out of your mouth that I will not be afraid understand what the enemy is trying to do I'm building up my immune, my spiritual oh immune system that's what we're doing right now we're just focusing on what God said

thank you, Lord

thank you, Lord thank you, Lord

thank you, Jesus my challenge is to you is to saturate yourself I know you got all the information, you've got all the data about the natural

what if you spent that kind of time in Psalm 91,

letting words come out of your mouth

we're not making light of this, this COVID pandemic we're making much of Jesus we're making much of Jesus I'm here to shout it from the house top I only get you one day, one day a week

hopefully we can get you more during the week and lock in here with us understand as, as your pastor, if I'm your pastor, there's a reason why I'm on daily during the week while we're on speaking the word

it is effective yeah,

we are building up our immune system

if you're here today and you never, never made Jesus Lord of your life, I want to invite you to make him Lord today if you've never made Jesus Lord of your life, just repeat this after me say, dear God, I believe that you sent Jesus to die on the cross for me, I believe that you raised Jesus from the dead

I believe that on the cross, he took all my sins past, present and future thank you, Jesus, for your finished work on the cross I make you a Lord of my life amen if you prayed that prayer for the first time and you're watching online,

what id like for you to do, I've got some information I want to share with you to send to you to help you understand what happened when you prayed that prayer you're a member of the family of God and we, we welcome you to the family of God and I want to send you some things to help get your new life with the Lord off to a good start

you're a brand new person in Christ and all I need is your email address and if you're watching on our online platform, you can send us that email address, just click the live prayer button and you'll enter into a chat area with one of our volunteers and they will take your information and even pray with you if you need prayer, but please give us your email address and say, Hey, I prayed that prayer after pastor

and I'd like to have that information that he's talking about, and we'll get it to you if you're on Facebook, please message us and we'll get it to you and just send us a PM and we'll get this information to you praise the Lord just give us your email address if you're watching on you, YouTube, just send us an email request

this information via email just email us  praise God hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus amen anybody that's here, you can there's a connection card in the seat pocket in front of you if you prayed that prayer for the first time, please let us know, just fill it out, check the box that says I received Jesus as my savior

and I want to challenge all of you if this is your first time joining us welcome to summit church wherever you're watching from in the world I don't take it lightly that you tuned in with us if if you got something out of this and you really feel connected to us, to this church family I want to encourage you and especially if you made Jesus the Lord of your life today, I want to challenge you to keep coming

for thirteen weeks, that's three months and dial in and keep coming and keep watching and I guarantee you are my hour summit church, personal guarantee to you is that you will never be the same you won't even recognize yourself in ninety days is not because of me, but because we preach a message of Jesus Christ and him crucified

his finished work on the cross and praise God, he will do a work in your life and you will never be the same amen hallelujah glory to God amen, we're going to, you're going to hear from Carla

wow wasn't that amazing so I just, I was impressed to share this and so one of the things that I do with my clients with fitness is ask them to set small goals and I'll ask them, what's your goal for the week so in reference to what pastor shared, maybe that was a lot for you maybe you're still like bombarded and your mind is so busy

establish one thing for this week that, you know, has been such a fear hold of you apply one or two of those scriptures that were given today and begin to let those words come out of your mouth concerning that particular thing and then walk out in that, what you're confessing, if it's a fear of being close to people, Whatever the case is with that scenario, apply those scriptures and then stand and know that you are protected by the shield and the buckler, because why that's what God says

so you're just applying the word to your circumstances, trusting God, but doing, applying it to those, that area and watch God manifest himself to you it's just taking those small steps and don't allow the enemy to bombard you and I know I'm not trying to repeat what pastor says I'm just coming to you because we both desire so greatly that we are all free and walking what God wants us to do and have in this life

and so I, we love you and we desire nothing, but God's best. Apply the word in those areas one step at a time and walking your freedom amen, amen, that's good the word is working god is working all things together for your good, don't be condemned if you've tested positive for it I know people who been in faith and just believe God and came out of that thing

victoriously and the same thing will happen to you I want you to know that it just as that, I mean, COVID is out there in the hair and you can't see it, but so are the angels and so so it's like, there's a, there's a spirit of faith amen thank you, Lord you, you create that atmosphere by the words that's coming out of your mouth

you're saying assess what was his confession saying the same thing, saying the same thing that God says

hallelujah you think if Jesus showed up, you're going to be Googling all kinds of stuff and telling you, watch out for this and watch out for it huh you don't tell you don't be a fool hes going to tell you what I'm telling you right now I'm his rep

okay amen, this is a time to rejoice amen because this is freedom

I'm not, I, you know, I'm not done with this

thank you, Lord gonna show you how to stuff when it come it bounces off of you oh, I don't believe that well, besides follow those, the belief,

believe it or not that is what makes it work I believe it

all right let's let's go into our communion at home you can see me holding these you should have your elements by now summit nation we're going to amen thank you, Lord. All right good to have Ashley in the house with us today amen thank you, Lord she's a part of our indy campus, but she's a Fort Wayne she's Fort Wayne peoples

amen. Thank you, Lord thank you, Jesus thank you, Jesus thank you let's just break the bread jesus' body was broken so you can be free

say no sickness or disease shall come near me I'm far above COVID because I dwell in the secret place of the most high hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah amen by Jesus stripes say by Jesus stripes, I was healed and I'm seated with him I'm raised together with him as he is so am I he's not sick

he's well, so am I in this world my healing is a finished work hey man see him on that cross taken every trace of COVID and every sickness and disease amen let's partake together thank you, Jesus

just taking taking his love

it says love to send him, send him to the cross

and he's joyful about it he said for the joy set before him endured the cross he despised the shame and that joy was you

he made us free oh, the blood of Jesus

amazing grace thank you Lord Jesus thank you for the blood that you shed on the cross for us

its everything every drop of your blood and our freedom we are free in Christ all our sins have been erased, eradicated past, present, and future we are free from sin we have the righteousness of Jesus

and there is therefore now no condemnation because we're in Christ jesus amen everybody say, thank you, Jesus for your blood let's partake of the cup.


Give him praise right now

hallelujah hallelujah he's good he's good he's a good, good father and he cares for us 

yall get something out of this?